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  • What is a public Insurance adjuster?
    A public insurance adjuster is a licensed professional that property owners hire when they experience property damage. Their primary purpose is to represent the insured’s best interest during a claim to assure they receive their entitled insurance settlement.
  • Why should I hire FalconTrust Group as our public insurance adjuster?
    here are several reasons why some policyholders choose to hire FalconTrust Group as their public insurance adjuster. In events where there could be a large or total loss claim, FalconTrust Group’s goal is to help the policyholder receive a larger sum to rebuild or repair the property or business. When a major loss occurs, you need an advocate – FalconTrust Group will handle your insurance claim diligently, rapidly and stress-free. As your public insurance adjuster, FalconTrust won’t rest until your claim is paid at the amount you deserve, not what the insurance company feels you should accept. Do not file a claim alone, call us before you call the insurance company. After all, your insurance company will have an adjuster. So should you!
  • When should I hire FalconTrust Group?
    You should hire us as soon as a loss occurs. The earlier our team gets involved in the process, the less likely you will feel overwhelmed and stressed. FalconTrust Group’s team works with insurance carriers to navigate the damage and help you understand what coverage you have in place and the amount of settlement you deserve.
  • My insurance carrier already assigned an adjuster. Can I use them to settle my claim?
    You can, but the insurance carrier’s adjuster is an employee of the company. They are trained to look out for the carrier’s best financial interests, not the insured’s. Hiring our team of expert adjusters is the best way to protect your financial interests. Since FalconTrust Group’s adjusters are experts at settling claims, they can negotiate a higher settlement than most individuals can accomplish on their own.
  • Can I rely on my insurance agent to settle my claim?
    While insurance agents are experts on coverage, in most cases they are not trained to appraise and assign value to property damage. FalconTrust Group’s adjusters have the necessary education and knowledge to review claims and assign an appropriate value for damage repair.
  • How much does FalconTrust Group’s service cost us as our public insurance adjuster?
    The best part about hiring FalconTrust Group’s adjusters is we only get paid when you receive a settlement, so you have little to lose. We collect a small percentage of the settlement received from the insurance carrier. Not collecting any fees upfront assures that we are always working with your best interest in mind.
  • How does FalconTrust Group’s public insurance adjuster know how much to make a claim for?
    As a state-licensed public adjuster, it is our responsibility to get you the settlement you need to rebuild. We review the property damage and calculate the costs of rebuilding and repairing.
  • I’m not satisfied with my insurance settlement, is it too late to hire FalconTrust Group?"
    It is not too late to hire us. In many states, insurance claims can be re-opened within three to five years. If you aren’t happy with your settlement, call us today. We can review the claim, damage, and go back to the carrier as your advocate to negotiate a better outcome.
  • Will my insurance carrier increase my premium if I file a claim?
    Insurance carriers vary with their stance on claims and rate hikes. There is a chance your premium will go up.
  • Will my insurance carrier cancel my coverage if I file a claim?
    It is not likely, but every insurance company is different. If they decide to cancel coverage, you will receive a notice in advance.
  • Why do I need help in filing an insurance claim?
    The typical policy contains hundreds of provisions and stipulations — various forms and riders that are constantly changing, and many complex details about your requirements in case of an insurance loss. Most people do not know or understand policy provisions and most do not realize that the burden of proof is on them, the policyholder. Most insurance company representatives actually prefer to work with an experienced public adjuster: that’s FalconTrust Group. FalconTrust Group not only has your confidence, but also that of insurance company adjusters who recognize that they are dealing with a professional.
  • What special help can your team give me with technical questions?
    We are the experts to turn to when such matters arise. We are concerned only with your interests. Because of our broad experience and specialized knowledge, we prepare your claim so that you can recover to the fullest extent on your insurance coverages. It is up to you to prove your loss. There may be many questions and problems as to how the policy provisions can be applied in different circumstances. We will review all of this with you, working side-by-side until you approve the insurance company’s final settlement.
  • Do you handle claims other than fire?
    Yes. We will assist you in any claims you may have due to windstorm, flood, hail, explosion, and any other insured losses that are sustained (inland marine, business interruption, rental income, improvements and betterments, commission and profit, reporting forms, additional expense, etc.).

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