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We are committed to giving you the best possible outcome.

When a major loss occurs, you not only need an adjuster, you need a leader.

There are several reasons why some policyholders choose to hire their own public adjuster. In events where there could be a large or total loss claim, the public adjuster may help the policyholder receive a larger sum to rebuild or repair the property or business.


When a major loss occurs, you need an advocate - a public adjuster who handles your insurance claim diligently, rapidly and stress-free. As your public adjuster, FalconTrust won’t rest until your claim is paid at the amount you deserve, not what the insurance company feels you should accept. Do not file a claim alone, call us before you call the insurance company. After all, your insurance company will have an adjuster. So should you!

No recovery, NO FEE!

We only benefit if we successfully recover compensation of your claim. Our licensed and insured adjusters work efficiently to protect your best interest, always.
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