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Tropical Storm/Hurricane:
Property owners in Florida should be prepared for natural calamities as it is a hotspot for tropical storms & hurricanes. We are here to help you be informed about your insurer’s flood policy and claims to avoid being in a stressful situation when disaster happens. We help you to identify the covered damages and what your claim actually worth.


Fire Damage Claim:
Last thing you would want to do is being interrogated by your insurance company’s agents when your property has been destroyed in a fire and you lose your belongings.  You’ll face fire inspectors questioning you about your property, while still in shock. Let us help you to recover from disaster and take all the stress off. Our experts  will inspect your property, help you document damage and suggest a plan to repair the damages. We also identify the scope of loss and analyze your policy so you know how to claim what is exactly owned to you.


Roof Damage Claim:
Roof leaks can take months to be fully discovered. Wind or hurricane can damage roof shingles or crack tiles and cause heavy roof damage. It can also result in high dwelling and even fire could result in roof damage. Keep in mind that preventing further roof damage and documenting the damage is vital to assisting in getting your claim covered.


Mold Damage Claim:
Exact mold damage detection is hard to discover as no owner can identify leaks behind the wall, broken pipe behind the sink and damage wire under the roof. Getting late to discover damage can cause serious disasters like fire. If you are noticing an unusual respiratory issue in a specific area, it may be due to growing mold.Your insurance claim should cover the whole damage. So sit back and let our experts take a charge and let them maximize your mold damage claim.

Wind & Hail Damage Claim:
If your property gets damaged by strong wind or hail, we can help you to compensate for your loss immediately by  documenting your loss, preparing a detailed claim estimate, and presenting your claim to your insurance carrier. Remember and take note that we can file a claim even though damage occurred within the past 5 years.


Earthquake Damage Claim:
If you suffered property damage from an earthquake, we can help you to maximize your claim and recovery of loss. We’ll provide you free initial inspection and prepare a detailed estimation of your damages. From filing claims to restoration, our experts will be committed to you. We’ll not get paid unless you get paid.


Cast Iron Pipe Burst:
If you’re suffering from a cast iron pipe burst, we will help you in making an insurance claim for the failure of your cast-iron plumbing system. Cast-iron pipe damage is common and poses plenty of health risks. Insurance companies are limiting their language in policies for cast iron pipe burst insurance and it is really hard for insurance holders to cover damage. We have experts who’ll give you peace of mind and help you to maximize your claim amount. 


Sinkhole Damage Claim:
In Florida, chances of sinkholes are rising as ground water level is decreasing and getting pumped out.  The initial signs of sinkhole damage show through cracks in floors, walls, stairs, and building foundation. Our public adjusters are specialists for recovering maximum sinkhole damage claims from any insurance company.


Business Irruption & Loss of Income:
Due to COVID-19, non essential businesses have to close down and bear sudden losses of income.  Let us our experts take over the charge and help you out. If you find out that this pandemic is not an exclusion under your business insurance policy, contact us and we'll conduct brief inspection of your business insurance policy. We'll ensure you that if you won't get paid, We'll not charge anything.



Old or Denied Claim: 

Do you have an old and/or denied insurance claim?  Did you know you have up to 5 years to reopen an old claim? As YOUR public adjuster, we properly manage, communicate and prove your insurance claim. The process is approached from a position of unmatched expertise, knowledge, and communication to get the optimum amount for you to recover.


Flood/ Water Damage:
An external flood should not be confused with an internal pipe burst. A flood is an overflow of water from a water source to dry land. Your insurance policy treats both incidents differently. Flood damage is not typically covered in most homeowners insurance policies, pipe bursts usually are. Sewage and other pollutants easily contaminate floodwater. Extensive sanitation is necessary before all the drying process and installation of dehumidifiers. We can assist you in handling the damages professionally while assisting you in returning to your pre-loss condition.

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